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 © Ron Erwinp078-0605_MG_1796
Reed Lake Crossing

I know what you're thinking. Boy Saskatchewan is flat! Well it is and it isn't. Yes, as you drive through the prairies on Hwy 1, it is really flat. But I have to say that Saskatchewan is one of my favourite places to photograph. There is a quality to the light there that I have not found anywhere else. There is also great diversity in scenes and terrain as you move from south to north. This road runs south from Morse. The lakes here are saline and they attract many different bird species. There is little traffic so you can work from the car, drive on the wrong side of the road and stop and get out, sometimes for hours without interruption.

Canon 5D Canon 17 - 40 mm 1/30 sec @ f11 ISO 100

- Ron Erwin

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