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The Book, the Exhibition, the Stories behind the Images / by Ron and Lori Erwin

 © Ron Erwinp097-0606_RE_2037
American Pika

Lori and I camped at a B.C. forestry campsite at the edge of Cayoosh Creek near Duffey Lake Provincial Park. As I drove north of the campsite one morning, I heard a squeak. I couldn't see anything but I knew there could be Pikas around. It was a perfect talus rocky slope. I parked and got out my big lens, put on my hat and sat in a small folding chair at the side of the road. I waited and waited. Eventually I saw some Pikas but not close enough to get a good shot. A car went by, slowed to a stop and then backed up. They rolled the window down and looked at me like I was crazy. They asked what I was doing. "Taking pictures", I said with a grin.

"Of what?" they said, as they looked up at the hills.

"Pikas" I said. They didn't know what a Pika was so I added, "furry little rodents". They shook their heads and drove off. Once things settled down the Pikas got used to me and posed for some good shots.

Canon 1D Mark II 500mm 1.4X Multiplier 1/2500 sec @ f5.6 ISO 400

- Ron Erwin

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