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The Book, the Exhibition, the Stories behind the Images / by Ron and Lori Erwin

 © Ron Erwinp090-AB101101102
Mount Rundle

It was my first long solo trip. Heading west to Victoria I stopped in Banff National Park where I paddled the canoe on Vermillion Lake. I could hear thunder in the distance. As I paddled back to shore the storm moved closer. I pulled the canoe out, put it back on the car and waited. It rained and thundered for about half an hour then cleared. So I took the canoe back down off the car, put it back in the water and paddled again. After about an hour the storm circled back and once again I retreated back to shore. I would repeat this process several times. I was about to pull the canoe out of the water one last time when the weather cleared and I saw this scene.

Pentax 6X7 Penatx 55mm Fuji Velvia 50

- Ron Erwin

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